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Thematic Network on Speech Technologies

Financed by MINECO The Thematic Network on Speech Technologies (RTTH) has for 16 years joined the leading researchers working on this field in Spain. Since 1999, the RTTH has boosted the research in the field of speech technology creating synergies among the different research groups that compose it with the aim of putting the Spanish research on Speech Technologies at the international scientific-technological forefront. The main objectives of the network are:

  • Enhance the international dimension of the research groups working in the field of Speech Technologies in Spain by organizing events that help building strong partnerships at European level to increase the chances of the members of the RTTH in the European framework program H2020.
  • Attract investment towards Speech Technologies research by finding new applications that provide new business opportunities. These applications must be materialized on prototypes and demonstrators to attract the interest of companies.
  • Encourage scientists and technologists experts on Speech Technologies from academia to join the industrial sector to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between both areas
  • Promote research in Speech Technologies attracting young researchers to this field through training, mobility initiatives, scholarships and awards.
  • Encourage the use of Speech Technologies as a transversal technology, developing strategies to strengthen its implementation in strategic areas such as health and active aging, the Internet of the future, Big Data, Mobile Communications, ...
  • Progress in creating partnerships and integration of Network members to maintain the leadership of Spain in the research on Castilian and the rest of the languages of the state avoiding that our country could be left behind in this area with respect the rest of the advanced economies

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