Speech and audio processing

The group is devoted to the speech processing technologies and its applications, with focus on the following specific areas:

  • Text to Speech Conversion: The group has its own multilingual text-to-speech conversion system, working on English, Spanish and Basque. Our AhoTTS system for Basque (aholab.ehu.es/TTS) is the only one fully developed at the Basque Country and it is freely available. It is also able to ...Read More

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Inge Salomons; Eder del Blanco; Eva Navas; Inma Hernáez; Xabier de Zuazo 

Frame-Based Phone Classification Using EMG Signals (2023)

Salomons, I., del Blanco, E., Navas, E., Hernáez, I. 

Spanish Phone Confusion Analysis for EMG-Based Silent Speech Interfaces (2023)

Agustín Alonso, Victor García, Inma Hernáez, Eva Navas, Jon Sanchez 

Automatic Classification of Synthetic Voices for Voice Banking Using Objective Measures (2022)

Itziar Aldabe, Aritz Farwell, Eva Navas, Inma Hernaez, German Rigau 

ELE Project: an overview of the desk research (2022)

Inma Hernaez, Jose Andres Gonzalez Lopez, Eva Navas, Jose Luis Pérez Córdoba, Ibon Saratxaga, Gonzalo Olivares, Jon Sanchez de la Fuente, Alberto Galdón, Victor Garcia, Jesús del Castillo, Inge Salomons, Eder del Blanco Sierra 

ReSSInt project: voice restoration using Silent Speech Interfaces (2022)

Eder Del Blanco, Inge Salomons, Eva Navas, Inma Hernáez 

Phone classification using electromyographic signals (2022)

Luis Serrano, Sneha Raman. Inma Hernáez, Eva Navas Jon Sanchez, Ibon Saratxaga 

A Spanish multispeaker database of esophageal speech (2021)

Inmaculada Hernáez Rioja, Eva Navas Cordón, Ibon Saratxaga Couceiro, Jon Sánchez de la Fuente 

Ahots sintetiko pertsonalizatuak: esperientzia baten deskribapena (2021)

Alonso, A., García, V., Hernaez, I., Navas, E., Sanchez, J. 

Automatic Speaker Adaptation Assessment Based on Objective Measures for Voice Banking Donors (2021)

Inma Hernaez, Jose Andrés González-López, Eva Navas, Jose Luis Pérez Córdoba, Ibon Saratxaga, Gonzalo Olivares, Jon Sánchez de la Fuente, Alberto Galdón, Víctor García Romillo, Míriam González-Atienza, Tanja Schultz, Phil Green, Michael Wand, Ricard Marxer and Lorenz Diener 

Voice Restoration with Silent Speech Interfaces (ReSSInt) (2021)

Vıctor García Romillo, Inma Hernaéz Rioja, Eva Navas 

The AHOLAB Text-to-Speech system for Blizzard Challenge 2021 (2021)

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